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My Girl Dandelion

Thank you for dropping in my name is Rob. I have been working on this Web Page for several years now. I have had people ask me why would you want to publish your life on the web. After giving this much thought here is my explanation. I get a lot of enjoyment working with WebPages and it is a great past time. It is such a creative way to express myself. It is a good way for people to get to know me that I meet on the Internet. I have met some very interesting people all over the world. This gives them the opportunity to see what I am all about. Also I am in the technical field so I like creating projects for myself so that I am always learning new things, and growing with technology. 

I was born 8/6/61, I grew up mostly around Central Oklahoma. My family moved around a lot since my stepfather was in a special branch of the service. Among our travels we visited many states and we also lived in Bangkok, Thailand for a year. I went to a school that was called the International School of Bangkok. I met kids from all around the world. I had the opportunity to travel across Europe for two weeks in 1999. So I guess I am somewhat "worldly". I have seen enough to know that there is no place like home and we live in a great state, with good people.

I have been married once and now divorced. I had a wonderful marriage, but due to her profession she had to travel a lot. At some point we started growing apart, falling out of love. We both believed that going our own way would be in the best interest of each other so both of us has moved on. Amber now lives in Shreveport, LA and is a Program Manager over a telecommunications/data project at the Veterans Administration Hospital. I am very proud of her for her achievements in her career, she has came a long way from being Telephone Chick to Program Manager over a very large project.

 I have a lot of good friends that have shared some of the best moments of my life. I have always lived my life like there will be no tomorrow. After all, the only regrets we have in life are the risks we never take. I have always been a very adventurous type of person. Some of my favorite things to do are skydiving, motorcycling, motorcycle racing (PRMA), sharing time with friends, and flying a Cessna 150.

I work for a company called USPS Maintenance Technical Support Center. We provide support to Postal Distribution Centers that are located in most large cities in the United States. MTSC is regarded as one of the best support teams in the world. It is a very satisfying feeling to be able to help in solving problems that our technicians have out in the field. I consider myself lucky to be involved with some of the most professional people that I have ever known. It is a very rewarding job.

I was the baby of the family. I have two older sisters Teresa and Tina. I never knew what would be worse having two older brothers or sisters. I could not imagine getting picked on any more than I did. I realize now that it was a good thing that they were around to toughen me up. I could not imagine having grown up without them.

Well, this is pretty much me in a nutshell. Feel free to browse and check out all my pictures/pages. Please sign my guest book, and feel free to send me e-mail to tell me what you think about my page, or just to say Hi….






                             Family and all my wonderful friends that make up who I am.



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